We have been asked to make a way for individuals and organizations to donate to The Link Family Bluegrass and Gospel Band that would help support us with our expenses. We have been slow in responding and we apologize for that. We wanted to make sure that there would be a way to do it where you can get the tax benefit of giving and not cause any legal issues for you or us.

We are "at heart" a Christian ministry but feel you should understand that we perform at many different venues in different manners. We do many evangelical meetings (approximately 125+ a year), provide Christian entertainment at many venues both secular and church affiliated settings. We perform at venues such as Silver Dollar City, churches, military bases, theatres, and RV parks etc. as a band that plays mostly Gospel music with some family-friendly traditional bluegrass and comedy. Frankly, we have to perform nearly 300 times a year to cover our expenses and it takes all these jobs to make it. Most of our income is from love offerings, we have no other source of income and we would greatly appreciate any help you may give us.

If you would be interested in donating to The Link Famiy Band
please make out your checks to our sending church...
(Bethesda Christian Fellowship)
which will in turn write a check to The Link Family.
Indicate on the  memo line that the donation goes to The Link Family.
Your check is your record of the donation.

Mail checks to:

Bethesda Christian Fellowship
3470 State Highway OO
Marshfield, MO 65706

For any questions, please call
417-468-2139 to talk to the church (Pastors Ron Burks or Gene Baker)
or e-mail    
417-718-3606 to talk to Lance Link
or e-mail