Rev. Gary W. Gilbert
My first opportunity to see and hear the Link Family was at a week long revival I was officiating. When they were through playing and Lance added his two cents of knowledge in and it was time for the message I stood before the congregation and said, "Tomorrow we will do this different, I will preach and then they will play because you always save the best for last." This family is great! They love the Lord and are passionate about serving Him. You can see it in their showmanship and style. We will have them at Essex anytime they are available to come.
F.B.C. Of  Essex, Mo.
Mike Polo
We have had the Link Family in concert twice for Sunday morning worship. They have been extremely well-received by our congregation. Their instrumental and vocal excellence provides an entertaining and enjoyable muscial experience. Their gospel music and personal words bring a meaningful time of spiritual encouragement to their program. The Links establish an easy rapport with the audience and make you feel like one of the family. I recommend them highly. Mike Polo, Pastor Old Union Christian Union Church Lawson, MO
Lawson, MO
Web Site:  Old Union Christian Union Church
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------David Krueger
The Link Family is one of the finest Gospel groups you'll ever have in your church--especially if you have some Bluegrass lovers. I thoroughly recommend them. They have been in our church on three occasions and headlined our Block Party in September of 2008. Over 400 people attended. You will really enjoy this family and their music.
Linn, MO
George Varghese 
We were very pleased with the music and ministry of the Link's. They were such a blessing to our church. The people really enjoyed their family and ministry. We highly recommend them. It is so good to see their family serve with a good spirit and excellent attitude. George Varghese Pastor Living Stones Church
Mountain Grove, MO
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Larry Hawkins
Back in Oct. we had the Link Family at our church (Okachmali..Blue Baptist Church) and everyone there enjoyed their family. I sense these folks are real and have a good rapport with the people they perform for and they also have a genuine love for Christ. I would recommend them for any church that loves their style of music and even to those who may want to experience a music venue that maybe a little different that what they may be use to. Pastor Larry Hawkins
Stonewall, Ok
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Mike Phelps
What a privilege it was to have the Link Family with us at First Baptist. The integrity of their ministry, the character of their music, and message in song, all brought glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a Christ-centered bluegrass gospel group," I highly recommend The Link Family." Dr. Michael Phelps, pastor First Baptist Church,
Doniphan MO 573-996-2910
First Baptist Church, Doniphan MO
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Harold Parker
The Link Family presented a great concert at our small church. Not only was their music entertaining, but the Gospel message they shared in music, and in the Word touched hearts that day. I pray that God will continue to use you and your family to spread the gospel message through out the coming years. Churches, large or small can benefit greatly from having the Link Family perform. May God bless each of you. Bro. Harold Parker - Pastor, FBC Santa Rosa, Tex.
First Baptist Church Santa Rosa, Tx.
Ron Burks

Brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ
Greetings! Grace, mercy and peace be unto you from God our Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ. It is with pleasure that I commend unto you the Link Family. Tthey are members in good standing at Bethesda Christian Fellowship. Their joyful countenances are an even greater testament of their love for Christ and fellowhip with Him.
May God bless you for receiving them in the name of Jesus, and return blessings galore through their ministry unto you.


Pastor Ron Burks
Bethesda Christian Fellowship
Marshfield, MO
Dr. Ernie Perkins

Lance, The only thing greater than your family's talent, is their great servant, ministering spirit. In the revivals in which we have worked together, I am amazed by the loving manner in which your family reach out to everyone there. I recommend you to any church that wants a great performance done with a great ministering spirit. Looking forward to our working together many times in the future.

Oklahoma City, OK
Ernie Perkins Ministries

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------James Kyzer
The Link Family is a hard working, energetic group that enjoys sharing their talents and ministry.They have a true love for God and are genuine in their faith and walk...I have been able to see them perform in our area 4 or 5 times in the past year- once here at our church in Purcell. Each performance has been spiritually uplifting and a night of worship, praise, and song....If they are in your area I strongly recommend you get by and worship with them.
  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pastor Glen Little
It was a great Joy to have the Link Family at our church! The music was fantastic,but what I liked most was how they brought it down to a salvation message at the end. It was easy to give an invitation when they finished. I would recommend them to any church. Bro. Glen Little
Muskogee, OK
To whom it may concern.

I am writing this letter to ask you to receive the Link family as brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to receive there ministry thru music and in the word.

The Link family are members in good standing here at Bethesda Christian Fellowship. They have testified of and identified themselves with, the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ by word and thru water baptism.

I have known the Link family for 15 years. I have seen them walk with the Lord Jesus in both difficult times and pleasant times, in times of persecution and blessing and found them to hold to the two great commandments. I have known them as friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, as employer and coworker, and I have also been blessed to know them as a pastor of Bethesda Christian Fellowship.

I believe that Jesus Christ is glorified thru the Link’s ministry, and I trust that the church will be edified and the lost will be presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is "the power of God unto salvation". Because of all of this, and much more not mentioned I highly recommend them to you and pray that you will receive them as true ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your time,

In the service of the King of King’s

Pastor Floyd Gene Baker

Bethesda Christian Fellowship
Marshfield, MO

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