The benefits of playing the drums

The drum is considered one of the most ancient musical instruments, because our ancestors played it tens of thousands of years ago. Of course, at that time it was not just an entertainment tool, but part of a ritual or ceremony, but it is safe to say that playing the drums is in our blood.

But is it only the call of our ancestors that explains our craving for drumming? Is there any significant benefit to a passion for this musical instrument, other than the drive and energy that it brings? Some studies confirm that playing the drums has a positive effect on your health as well as your overall emotional well-being. We have outlined a few key reasons why you should consider starting to play this musical instrument or introducing this activity to your child.

It's fun.

To begin with, playing the drums is just fun and helps you get rid of your daily stress. You get out all your inner negativity, forget about your current problems, just drumming your heart out. Yes, it takes a lot of effort and time to become a professional, but no one is forcing you to conquer the world stage - just play for fun and enjoy the process.

Improving memory

Drumming for kids is useful in that it helps develop memory and improve overall academic performance. This is especially true in math, because the main thing a drummer has to do is count.

It has been proven that playing this musical instrument leads to improved cognitive function. An experiment was conducted on high school students who had a distracted attention span. A 20-minute playing session resulted in these children doing much better on IQ tests, while they were maximally focused. Studies are continuing, but we can already say that this kind of music therapy is having an effect.

Improving the immune system

From playing the drums the benefit may lie not only in the emotional discharge, but in the real therapeutic effect. The rhythm that forms while playing has a direct effect on the body, helping to produce cells that fight off a variety of diseases.

Other studies have shown that the effects of rhythm on the body increase the functionality of white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting viruses and cancer cells.

Intellectual development

Glen Doman, who developed the program of early childhood development, 50 years ago proved that for children from the first months of life it is necessary to develop the skills of simultaneous work with two hands. This promotes normal intellectual development of the child.

But this methodology is also relevant for adults. When playing the drums, four limbs are involved at once, which make different movements. Sitting at the drum set, we get a real workout not only for our body, but also for the mind. By the way our school has special courses on the drums for adults, where you can learn the basics of this musical instrument, and also have a great time in a circle of fellow music lovers.

All-round development

Playing the drums, as well as other musical instruments, promotes social and creative development. Music is a universal language of communication, so even if you have trouble communicating, learning to play the drums can help you connect with others.

Your communication can be structured in different ways:

You'll connect with other people at concerts.

You may be able to join a band with people who are just as enthusiastic.

You can communicate with music lovers on social networks, because now you share common interests.

If you study in a group, it's very likely that among the other students you will find someone who can become your best friend. Believe me, this happens and happens very often.

Training for the body

Playing the drum can be quite compared to going to the gym, because in the process you have to work out quite hard. Thus you combine the pleasant with the useful, i.e. physical activity with the pleasure of playing.

Another effect is also possible - a decrease in the intensity of painful sensations. The fact is that during the game the brain is actively involved, giving commands to the four limbs at once. At this moment, a person is completely concentrated on this task, so playing the drums will be able to distract a person from the pain in the body that he or she is experiencing. Playing also releases endorphin, which is a natural painkiller for humans.

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