April Photo Shoot- Photagrapher Sean Burk
In the woods by our houseIn Mom and Dad's living roomYeah AARON!!!!At a covered bridge in our townKyle and AshleyJust pickin'Rachel, Becky and LanceRachel and LandenKyle and AshleyLance and BeckyTo COOLAaronBenJohnBy the covered bridgeThe original fiveRachelOn the bridge
Singing He Bore it all for the DVDGetting ready to videoPlay it BenKyle and AshleyJohnThe home town of Andy Griffeth, Mount Airy, NCFloyd's Barber ShopThe original barber from Andy's childhoodSnappy LunchEating in Snappy LunchWe toured a museum about Andy GriffethOur bus and the Easter Brothers' BusThe Easters and UsWe went to an Easter Brothers' SingThey ask us to come up and sing oneRachel and the Easter BrothersAaron's 12th b-dayLanden's 24th d-daySucker Grabbing(it's a kind of fishing)Singing at a festival in OK
April 2010
May 2010
John's card house11 people in the back of the Young Family's van. Hehe.Wow it was crowdedGetting ready to video our Promotional DVDRachel took a workshop from Adam SteffyAll the goodies we got from Norway in trade for our Complete CollectionPlaying at Silver Dollar CityAaron John and BenRachel and AshleyAaron Ben, and Becky
June 2010
A double decker bridgeBack in Mount Airy NCHow many men does it take to put up a mic stand?Becky in the studioIn the Easter's studio. What should we do?Singing Send the Light, like a chiorEntering WVChicago.....yuk!!!!The poor bass. We ran over it with the bus.Lance and Becky waiting to cross the Canadian borderJohn swimmingJohn with the biggest turtle we've ever seenJohn's new job as monitor mixerToured an awesome houseThe boys loved the animal skin rugs!!!Toured a police carPlaying our new favorite game- Corn HoleBen's 15th b-day at Glen's houseAaron and John at A&WA&W and the BusLot's-O-Candy!!!!!!Playing at a church in CanadaFrodo's!!!!Getting some tips from FreddyAaron, Ben and JohnWow Ben!!!Snow in summer.....Ashley's 21st B-dayStill in CanadaAaron, and our Rough Riders watermelon hat and canadian tieWorking the tableToured a huge old bridgeMontanaDinosaur Museum!!!!!AaronJohn our gingerbread man
July 2010
Ben's leaning the dobroNebraskaAaron The wind was soooo badSinging at the 4th of July celebration at BethesdaThe pastors prayed for usJohn singin in Cornell, WIJohn and AaronTonya came up and sang the possum song with us!!! (Thanks Tonya)Aaron, Becky and BenLanden and his cabin of boys at Camp JoyGetting ready for our old time photos for our Hymns Volume IIBen, John and AaronSinging at a camp meetin'Landen and RachelMom found this figure at a garage sale!!!!
August 2010
Missippi headwatersLindsey and Link FamiliesBecky and LanceBecky playing for the offeringThe Link Family at Faith Family FreedomThe Kid's Jam at Faith Family FreedomCabin we stayed at for a few daysGrandma Links!!!!Gotta love the big creepy bearBen at the Lego store in the Mall of AmericaPosing!!!!!Packing Up
September 2010
Opening Silver Dollar City CeremonyAaron, Mom, and Ben at the theater in our home townSinging at a little church not far from home
Watching Kyle do his comedyBrotherly Love!!!Clinton MO Bluegrass Festival
October 2010
Link Family, Lindsey Family, Greer Family on our way to lunchDown time after a Faith Family Freedom ConcertAshley, Rachel and Katie GreerPlaying for a church picnicAt the table after the showCampground in NCThe Carolinas were very hilly!!!
November 2010
Almost to the Atlantic Ocean NCRunning on the beach after being in the bus for hours felt greatWe toured Fort MaconHaving fun at the fortWe also toured the USS North CarolinaUSS NCAaron's steering the ship.... Haha
December 2010
Mom in Gary Coy's studio in Hartville, MOGary working his magic!!!What Kyle did a lot in the studioGetting ready for our Ugly Christmas Sweater contest!!!Rachel and LandenBen Aaron and JohnKyle and AshleyMom and DadRachel with her neice...Grace
January 2011
Chicken House Opry... Our 1st show of the year in the Rio Grande ValleyKyleAaronBenRachelSinging at a RV parkKyle doing his comedy routineSinging JoshuaPlaying the penny whistleKyle and AshleyDad found a dead stingray on the beachMaking sand castlesThe fineshed product!!!!!!Heading back to the busJohn and the pinata at Grahm Punches birthday partyAshley's turn....it was her first pinata everEverybody go for the candy!!!!!!!Another RV parkRV parkOur cousin Joel is helping out with the new sound board!!!Selling stuff at the table