Kyle - plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and bass,
and sings lead and harmony. Kyle got us started
in this old time music when he picked up the fiddle
about ten years ago where he learned from an old
bluegrasser, Paul Mansker. He went on to win the
Missouri Old Time Fiddle Champion in the junior
division in 2003 and placed second in the open
division 2005, third in 2006 and second again in
2007. He  has won many other fiddle contests,
was nominated SPBGMA Midwest Fiddler of the
Year in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 and was named
SPBGMA Midwest Fiddle Player of the Year for
2008 & 2009. His instrumental versatility has been a great help
to the family band. He aranges alot of our music and teaches the youner boys the guitar and fiddle.  Ashley- Plays fiddle and bass and is our product table manager.  Kyle and Ashley were married
May 10, 2008.


Rachel - plays mandolin, bass, guitar, sings lead and harmony.  Rachel has studied bluegrass more than the rest of the family put together, learning the nuances of the sound of bluegrass and bringing to us a great work ethic, discipline, and a heart for the family. Rachel is the stage manager for our band and is improving our program continually.

Benjamin age 15,  plays banjo, bass, guitar, dobro, mandolin and sings lead and harmony. Ben won the MABC junior division banjo contest in 2007 and again in 2009. He also won second place at Grove, OK in the open division.  As one of the youngest ever, Ben was nominated Banjo performer of the year 2008 and 2010 SPBGMA Midwest. Ben started his stage career with us 8 years ago in a serious way. He is now playing a key role in arrranging our songs.  His innate musical ability, bright smile, and willingness to "work and play" at such a young age has been a huge boost to the Link Family. Ben is also bringing alot of humor to the stage in various ways including Brother Cletus Allheart. You have got to hear Cletus preach!

Aaron age 12,  sings and plays the fiddle and guitar. Aaron has a very powerful voice for his age and a good sense of timing. Aaron can now sing harmony parts or lead with the group. He has really excelled on the guitar this year. 

John age 11, sings lead and harmonies and is learning the mandolin and bass.  John has not known much but music, school, travel and how to create his own little world of what boys require where ever we are. We are excited about the potential he is showing not only in music but by his uniquely intellectual and considerate approach to the issues of life.

Becky (Mom) sings lead and harmony and plays the rhythm guitar and bass. She was named Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year 2008 & 2009 for SPBGMA Midwest as well as being nominated also in 2007.  Becky began teaching piano at age sixteen and has taught music to hundreds of kids and adults over the years. She has played the key boards for several Gospel groups, but is now developing her own family band in the bluegrass genre. She has homeschooled the Link kids for sixteen + years and only has seven more years to go!
When the kids started singing and playing instruments, Lance (Dad) wanted to join in. Having tried the spoons, harmonica, banjo, guitar, etc., he finally landed on the bass. Lance was nominated Bass performer of the year 2008 in SPBGMA Midwest. He is a retired investment representative (financial advisor), and the band manager. He follows his father's footsteps by keeping very busy and loving every minute of it.
Landen Keeler - Joins us as sound man etc. Rachel and Landen were married
Ben plays a Grundy banjo from Australia.
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